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The Yorkshire Dialect Society was founded in Bradford on 27 March l897.

The Society grew out of a Committee formed nearly three years earlier by Prof. Joseph Wright, which was set up to collect additional Yorkshire material for the English Dialect Dictionary.

When the Society began it had scholarly aims, and we hope we have continued those. We try to have a lecture at one of our meetings each year on a language topic, though we try to choose speakers who will present their subject in a way that will appeal to a wide audience.

The Society's annual journal, Transactions of the Yorkshire Dialect Society, has in the past included articles that have made an important contribution to English language studies.

The Society is managed by an elected Council. The Right Reverend Dr David Hope, recently Archbishop of York and now vicar of Ilkley, is our President.

Our equal interest is in speech and literature, and members like to hear dialect spoken and to see it written in our publications. We are lucky to have several gifted writers among us and we have reciters who never fail to delight those who come to meetings.

In addition to Transactions we publish a Summer Bulletin. Both usually contain written dialect and in the Summer Bulletin we like to publish the attempts of modest beginners which are worth seeing in print. Our editors are always ready to consider pieces for publication, dialect verse and prose, and articles about matters to do with Yorkshire talk and activity. Some of our lectures and articles in the past have been on regional speech of other parts of the world.

 The Society has always published a wide variety of books, some original dialect writings from the three Ridings, some scholarly works on Yorkshire dialect. Our now out-of-print long-playing gramophone record of pieces performed at one of our meetings at an Ilkley Literature Festival can instead be supplied on cassette or, most recently, on compact disk, and our two popular cassettes of West Riding Tales and More West Riding Tales by the late Arthur Kinder of Honley, one-time Chair of Council, are also now available on compact disk.

Details of publications can be found on this Website ... just click here.

The Secretary will also try to answer members' questions on dialect topics. A good reason for joining.

We normally arrange four meetings a year on Saturday afternoons around the county, with a Summer meeting at a specially interesting place for a day out. Our annual 'Christmas Crack', now held in Acomb, York, is a firm favourite. Additional meetings are sometimes arranged by local groups of members. We ask for a contribution from those who attend meetings, normally 2, to defray the constantly increasing costs of hiring venues.

The annual subscription is 10.00 UKP (13.00 overseas). The subscription barely covers services to members and profits from our vigorous policy of publishing books and tapes subsidise our activities. There is much voluntary effort by officers and members to keep the subscription as low as possible and comparisons with other organisations show that we are so far successful. Members receive the annual publications free, the Summer Bulletin about June, and Transactions at the end of the year. Those who join the Society at times when no publications are due will receive a recent number of a publication along with their receipt.


Information on membership can be obtained from :-

Rosebank Cottage,
Main Street,
Great Heck,
West Yorkshire
DN14 0BQ
United Kingdom

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