The Leeds and Bradford GREEN DIRECTORY
Welcomes you

The Green Directory aims to provide some of the basic environmental information
to all interested people in the Leeds and Bradford Metropolitan areas and beyond.

But first

press here for something to think about

This small "green" booklet may hold the key,
but it all depends on how you, your family and friends use it.
The green directory endeavours to provide an accurate and up-to-date account of the main environmental concerns so that we can all start to learn a little more about the mess we have created,
...... and with this knowledge, we can begin to learn how to unscramble it.

No-one has all the answers yet,
but you and I can make a valuable start now by doing just a few small things
- and if enough people do enough of the small things,perhaps we can get humanity back on track.

- maybe, but we must each make a start by finding out about the problem and then seeing how we can help.
The Germans and Japanese, for instance, manage to combine a high standard of living with environmentally friendly habits.
Britain, however, is sadly lagging behind, but it's time to change all of that.
It's time to take the bull by the horns and put the "great" back into Great Britain.


Why do we want you to buy the book
instead of putting all the information on this Web site ?
Simply, sales of the book creates funding

Find out more

Also a book is still a very easy form of reference, even in these days of the "infobahn"


The book contains:-
Over 150 Local Environmental Organisations and Projects
providing a network for environmental improvements in Leeds and Bradford.




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Voluntary Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

Positive Action

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