Salts Mill

When Saltaire was designed for Sir Titus Salt by the Bradford architects Lockwood and Mawson between the years 1851 and 1853 it was part of a major social statement for
a "New Industrial Age".

Saltaire comprises a massive textile mill and a village built for the workforce.
The village contains 900 houses, churches, schools, institute and other public amenities.
The mill was in full production, employing 3,000 people, for over 100 years until the Bradford textile industry fell into decline.

Jonathan Silver bought Salts Mill in 1987. It was semi-derelict and appeared to have no positive future. Since then Salts has been transformed and now approximately 1,500 people are employed on the site by firms which include large electronic manufacturing companies like Pace Micro Technology plc and Filtronic Comtek plc. In 1853 Salts Mill was the leading edge of textile industry; it now leads the world in high technology.

In addition to the galleries, the other public spaces include a high quality diner and excellent speciality shops.

The 1853 Gallery
3 David Hockney galleries on 3 floors' with over 300 examples of Hockney's work.
open 7 days a week, admission free tel:+44 (0)1274 531163

The Home
High quality equipment for home and kitchen tel:+44 (0)1274 530770

Salts Diner
Good food, great service tel:+44 (0)1274 530533
David Hockney's Doggie
copyright David Hockney

Skopos Mill Shop
Soft fabrics and furnishings tel:+44 (0)1274 581121

Skopos Furniture Gallery
High quality furniture tel:+44 (0)1274 531731

Kathy Libbert
Jewellery tel:+44 (0)1274 599790

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