The Pudseyite, or to give it a more scientific name, the Pudseygenerian is often considered to be a shy and quite creature that is on the edge of extinction.

However this is far from the truth, they have in fact spread to the four corners of the Earth and there is still quite a large breeding colony located between Leeds and Bradford in the heart of modern West Yorkshire.

This Website is dedicated to creating communication links not only for the many Pudseyites throughout the globe but also those who are interested in Pudsey and it's folk .

The Pudseyite links

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Pudsey Civic Society
Where better to find out information about Pudsey and Pudseyites past and present than here.

Pictures of Pudsey
A large pictorial section of the above site providing many fascinating old images of the Pudseyite's natural habitat.

Gee's Pages about Pudsey
Graeme Bromley lives in Pudsey and is adding more interesting material about the town to his homepages all the time... now includes a growing collection of photos.

Pudsey Noticeboard
Now here's an interesting place for Pudseyites to meet each other.... use this facility to make contact with other Pudseyites round the world.

Come into the Tap Room for a "chat"
After a hard day at the keyboard, what better than to pop into the "local" (pub) for a chat with your mates... visit our new Java powered chat area... the "Tap Room".

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