Web page design

...these are just a few of the components
that we use to "weave" Web pages for our clients.
Pages can include automatic counters
Oh! by the way, the Web counter says you are
visitor number
counter not online
since the last reset of the counter

They can also contain forms that allow the return
of information back from the user
Enter your name...
Select the information you require...
and your Email address...

Various methods can be used to improve the layout of the page.
For example Tables and Font sizing can improve the appearance
as can coloured or textured backgrounds
letters can even be made to
Clan Vision It is not an image map if you think this IS an image map

Images can be mapped in such a way as to make different parts of their area "sensitive" to the clicks of the mouse, and thereby making quite sophisticated selection devices possible.


More and more software comes out daily to turn the simple Web page into an all singing and dancing "window" with very considerable Multi-media possibilities.

But and it is a BIG but.

All of this technical stuff is only there in the pages,
if it actually helps our client's message


as Graphic Designers we are driven by the "message" and not just the "medium".

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