The chairman of the Royal Commission on the Historic Monuments of England mentions in his forward to the publication "Yorkshire textile mills" that textiles were once one of England's major manufacturing industries, and they continue to be important today, particularly in Yorkshire.
He points out that the development of the industry is closely reflected in its buildings, as much in its recent decline as in former periods of prosperity.
The decline of the industry in the 20th century has presented a considerable threat to its monuments, and many mills have been demolished or lie vacant or underused.
It is the aim of this publication to not only create a memorial to the passing of these great buildings but also to feature some of the many mills who still pulse with life and activity, whether in their original industry or in a new found role.

Two mill complexes that have found a new role
Salt's Mill
Shipley near Bradford

Standing in the centre of the world famous "model" village of Saltaire in Shipley, Saltaire Mills (as they were called) and it surroundings were built by Sir Titus Salt in 1850-3.
Claimed by many to be the greatest example of an integrated worsted mill. It is said to be a perfect illustration of planned integration, comprehending, as it does, not only the processes within the mill complex but also the interaction between the mill and it's surrounding settlement , transport and water supplies.
Such a building has to live on, but it's uses have changed and today it is the home for a number of high-tech companies and quality retail activities. A central and most attractive element of the complex is the "1853 Gallery" which includes paintings by the artist David Hockney.

Dean Clough

Dean Clough in Halifax is now a centre for business, arts, design and education. It is a magnificent complex of nineteenth century mills used for the manufacture of carpets until the early 1980's. They were bought by Sir Ernest Hall when they were empty and derelict - a year after Crossley's carpets ceased production at Dean Clough in 1982 and since that time gone from strength to strength.

This area is in the development stage


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