The Ann Hickinson room

Today, at the opening of The Ann Hickinson Room in Pudsey Town Hall, the short life of Councillor Ann Hickinson was celebrated.
Ann died suddenly in 1993 aged only 43.

Tributes paid at her funeral service spoke of her "enormous contribution to Pudsey"

Ann entered active politics in 1977 and was elected councillor for Pudsey South in 1980 where she served for the rest of her short life. Always an energetic politician, she served on many committees.

Today friends and colleagues of Ann spoke with emotion of the memories they have.

Councillor Minkin remembered "an attractive straightforward person who had an profound influence on me"

Paul Truswell MP spoke of her as being "a great friend and political touchstone"

Others, including Councillor Lewis and Councillor Jarosz talked of the happy memories they had.

It is fitting that the opening was on International Women's Day.

The room was filled by many who had gathered to pay tribute not only to Ann's life but also to celebrate the lives of all those women who make a contribution in public life.
  Looking around the Town Hall one can see many pictures of politicians, past and present, yet there are only two pictures of women. Is this because there have been few female political figures in Pudsey?

A number of those present made the same observation.

And so on this International Women's Day we decided to make an appeal for pictures and stories of local women who have made a contribution to society.

If you know of any, let us know.
Responses can be e-mailed to