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    12th December 2003

Murder and Mystery... breaks out at Farsley ... More


  27th November 2003

Our Charter Night... in the able hands of President Geoff ... get the feel of the occasion click here


  November 2003

The Annual Pudsey Craft Fayre... as started by the Trinity Men and continued by our Club ... More


  30th October 2003

Halloween... celebrated at our Evening Meeting ... More


  23rd October 2003

Club Visit... member get a chance to see what fire fighters actually do ... More


  26th September 2003

Quiz Night... it is that time of year again... More


  4th September 2003

Ken joins the Club... of all of the Rotary Clubs in all the world Ken chooses Pudsey... More


  Sept 2003... things improve

Geoffrey Barton stepped forward and he took up the reins
for the rest of the Presidential year 2003/2004... more


  8th August 2003

A glimpse of the future... perhaps! as we meet the G-Wiz
car for lunch at Woodhouse Hills Golf Club... More


  July 2003... a really bad start

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